Busy Hearts (2 1/2 - Early 3 year olds)
We follow a daily routine that is consistent yet flexible. Children quickly learn to anticipate what will come next in their day and begin to demonstrate initiative. A typical day includes Greeting Time, Choice Time, Group Time and Playroom Time. Lesson plans are planned daily to ensure that they are supporting the children’s current interests and developmental progress.
Observations and assessments provide key insight into the needs of the individual children and serve as a foundation for goal setting and lesson planning. Toilet training is also incorporated into the daily routine for those toddlers who are developmentally ready. Teachers and parents work in partnership to develop a toilet training plan for their children that is consistent between home and school. Our Busy Hearts Toddler Program provides a solid stepping stone into our preschool.


Independent Squares (3 years to early 4 years)

This is the beginning of a very exciting time in the life of a young child. Our days are filled with a variety of learning opportunities that become the building blocks for each child’s preparation for kindergarten. 
We focus on developing social skills, and developing a desire for learning in each child. While it feels like ‘we play all day’, we are very strategic in our planning to ensure that our expectations are appropriate for the current group of children we are working with. Through structured and unstructured play the children learn problem solving skills, develop initiative, and practice math, science, reading and writing throughout every part of the day. 
Our individualized assessment and planning strategies provide a comprehensive preschool program that blends into our pre-kindergarten program with a smooth transition.



Bright Diamonds (4-early 5 years)

This class serves children who will be entering kindergarten by September 30 of the upcoming public school year as well as for children of parents who are planning on enrolling their child in a private school that accepts children who will turn 5 after the September 30 date of public schools. 

The pre-kindergarten curriculum we implement provides for individualized instruction and assessment and focuses not only on academics, but also problem solving and social skills. 

The Bright Diamonds school year is filled with many fun ways of learning and is concluded with a graduation ceremony. Pre-kindergarten is a year of tremendous growth and development as the four-year olds turn five and become kindergarteners. The children transition from our program prepared for success in their school years to come




Nanny's Bounce and Playhouse (Nanny's House)

Named after Mr. Shabazz’s grandmother...“Nanny’s House” was Shahid’s first place of comfort, safety, happiness and fun. His Nanny was the neighborhood babysitter where children from all over the community would come to play. Everyday was like an amusement park of fun (minus the rides of course). It was children running, playing, chasing and just simply put, having a BALL. SUOFCDA have created a 3,500 square foot indoor play land where children can run, chase, play and be free. “Nanny’s House” is the highlight of the academy, our children are addicted to the energy in that room. As soon as their feet hit the floor, they are overwhelmed with the possibilities of fun they are about to have.

We have SOMETHING FOR THE LITTLES each and every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm. Each child must be 48 inches or smaller to play, this prevents any adults or older children from playing and accidental hurting our precious littles.

Most of us had the most fun and created the most memories at our Nanny’s house as a child , that was the concept of the of the name when we created the perfect indoor amusement park for any little to come have the time of their lives, a place to create their own memories.


    • 60min - $15 (VIP $12)
    • 90min - $20 (VIP $16)
    • 120min - $25 (VIP $20)